"Perfect Fit

 I have never been in a situation where I needed an attorney and frankly had no idea where to start. A friend recommended that I get in touch with Troy and it was the best decision I made.
He is extremely smart and knowledgeable. He explained everything to me in a clear way, answering every question I had. Always available! Anything that I needed was taken care of because he is incredibly attentive. Reasonably priced and worth every penny.
My case was won, thanks to him! At no point in the process (except the very beginning before I spoke with Troy) did I ever feel nervous.
I highly recommend this attorney. Without a doubt, I will go back to him if I ever find myself needing legal advice or representation."

-Ashley via Avvo

"Felony conviction erased

 I was searching for a lawyer who could help me with my felony conviction nearly 17 years ago because I wanted to take a vacation and go to New York and Canada to see Niagara falls but I was told by a friend who just had visited there in March 2017 that he took a tour bus to Canada to see Niagara falls and the bus driver had a prior felony DUO conviction and was denied entry into Canada. That must have been embarrassing to say the least. Troy first reduced my conviction to a misdemeanor so that I could cross into Canada and just 2 days prior to me leaving San Diego, I received the documents i needed reducing the misdemeanor to expungement altogether. My wife and i were thrilled and it saved me a lot of worries and embarrassment crossing into Canada. Troy was able to completely remove my felony conviction and thanks to him, I have great memories of my wife and kids vacation to New York and Canada we can always look back on and reminiscent. I'm forever grateful to Mr Troy Holan and his hard work in getting me the results i expected and should i ever need his services again, won't hesitate to call him."

-Mike Wudie via Avvo

"A knowledgeable & caring attorney

Troy is an outstanding attorney. He was always available to answer our calls & any questions or concerns we had. He charged us a reasonable & fair price, not overly expensive. He took care of all paperwork, court appointments, etc. immediately. We never had to worry if something was taken care of. He even called ahead to remind us of court dates, etc.
Since day one, he could not have been nicer or more caring at a time when our family was in full panic mode. Adding to this was his extensive knowledge of the law & our family could not have found a better attorney."

-Pat via Avvo

"Highly recommend to anyone in trouble!

I found Troy Holan on the internet after my DUI arrested. He spent almost an hour with me over the phone discussing my case. I learned so much just from that first phone conversation. Troy was not pushy about putting a contract in my face right away either. He told me to shop around if I needed to and then touch base after a couple days. I really appreciated how honest he was. Well I tried to talk to some other lawyers and I felt like Troy was the best fit. I went back to hire him and I am so glad that he took my case. Troy told me he would treat me like a partner during my entire process. I felt so involved and never felt like anything was hidden from me. Troy eventually worked out a lower wet reckless charge for me even though my alcohol level was a .11. I am so happy I hired Troy and I would recommend him to anyone else charged with a DUI."

-Travis L. via Rate-A-Biz

June 28, 2017 Review

I contacted Troy to help my son who was in custody for probation violation. He went and talked to my son the very next day. My son felt like he had slipped through the cracks and he needed professional advise and representation in court. Troy was very honest and up front with my son on what he thought was possible. My son has now been released and I believe Troy Holan helped him get the best deal available. I knew from my first conversation with Troy that he was what my son needed. I highly recommend him. 

-Sandy N. via Thumbtack

"Excellent DUI Attorney

My case is not finished yet, however received excellent service from Troy Holan to date. He is a highly experienced DUI attorney, and I can certainly recommend his services."

-Thomas W. via Thumbtack